Recalac company profile

Recalac company profile

Company Profile

"An Excellence In Technology, Chemistry And Research, Located In The Primary Tanning Area Of Northeast Italy"

The Origins

Recalac was founded in Arzignano in 1980 as a wholesale trade organization selling chemical products and leather in Italy and abroad. Since then Mrs. Rita Zenere, already an expert in the leather field at the time, represents the company’s bedrock. In 1996 the production of chemicals is introduced and at the end of the ‘90s Domenico Cracco joins the company to follow the technical department. In the year 2000 the Cracco family buys all the shares of the company and in the following years welcomes their three sons. This marks the beginning of the second generation of Recalac. From marketing to production, the company has evolved through time into becoming what it is today: a solid organization that thoroughly studies leather processing and uses its own experimental lab to constantly control the quality of products.

A Big Family

Recalac is a family business composed of 20 close-knit professionals, where courtesy and quality go hand-in-hand. The family’s mentality is shared between all ranks and among all employees. Recalac operates with honesty and is extremely focused on clients’ needs. The long-established organization ensures swift supply of products and a prompt customers’ assistance; it invests in the regular training of its team and offers a truly competitive product.

Modus Operandi

Economy doesn’t move forward without ethics. Taking good care of internal and external relationships – with staff, suppliers and clients – translates into the attention to the continuous high quality of products. In doing so since the beginning, Recalac responds to the many diversified requirements of Italian and international tanneries.

Recalac company profile